High Quality, Lower Cost

Over the last several years, we have seen a significant amount of healthcare costs being shifted to the consumer through high deductible health plans.  As an independent imaging network, Diagnostic Imaging of Southbury is proud to be recognized by insurance companies as a low cost provider for imaging services, with costs up to three times less than a hospital based facility. With the consolidation of several hospital systems, patients are being influenced by their physician to go to the higher-priced hospital based facilities for care. Since the average consumer is unfamiliar with the cost difference, patients with high deductibles are unexpectedly getting stuck with astronomical bills for thousands of dollars.

Due to the rising healthcare costs, it has become essential to shop around for the most affordable healthcare while being sure not to sacrifice the quality and integrity of care. At Diagnostic Imaging of Southbury, we understand the importance of seeking imaging options that are affordable yet high quality. Diagnostic Imaging of Southbury, an affiliate of Naugatuck Valley Radiology Imaging Network, is the first and only imaging network in the State of Connecticut distinguished by the American College of Radiology as Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence. We exceed the standards for superior patient care by delivering the highest levels of imaging quality, safety and care and surpassing today’s standard accreditation requirements.

Diagnostic Imaging of Southbury encourages patients to take a more active role in choosing where to go for their healthcare needs. Aside from our lower prices, we also work with our patients to provide affordable payment arrangements.

Please contact our patient advocates, Kacie Kurdy or Maria Benvenuto, at 203-346-4020 with any questions.