3D Digital Mammography

3D Mammography is a screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool that enables the radiologist to examine the breast tissue layer by layer, giving them a more accurate and thorough view of the breast. The 3D technology reduces overlapping structures in the breast from obscuring small masses that could be cancers. 3D Mammography is the biggest breakthrough in breast cancer detection in 30 years – detecting 41% more invasive breast cancers and reducing callbacks by up to 40%.

A 3D mammography is very similar to have a traditional 2D mammogram, but far more accurate in detecting breast cancer earlier. During the exam, the technologist will position you and compress the breast; the scanner will then rotate partially around the breast to obtain numerous low dose images from several different angles. In a standard 2D mammogram, only two images of each breast are obtained, with a 3D mammogram, the radiologist has a series of images to view which leads to a greater ability to accurately diagnose subtle masses or abnormalities.

The 3D technology does not add any additional time to your exam, there is no additional radiation and the compression is the same as with a 2D mammogram.

Because the technology is new, most commercial insurance companies are not covering this procedure at this time. Naugatuck Valley Radiology is happy to offer this service to our patients at a discounted rate. You will be asked to pay this additional fee at check-in, which may be an eligible flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) expense.

Preparing for your 3D Mammogram

  • You will be more comfortable if you schedule your test for one week following the completion of your period.
  • The day of your exam you should not wear any lotions, powders or deodorant on the breast or underarm area.
  • It’s best to wear a two-piece outfit such as a shirt and pants versus a dress since you will be required to disrobe from the waist up.