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Cardiac Scoring A quick, non-invasive CT scan that evaluates the buildup of calcium-containing plaque within the coronary arteries. This screening exam can help your healthcare provider identify your risk of heart disease or other heart problems before other signs and symptoms occur.

Virtual Colonoscopy A quick CT scan for individuals at an average risk for colorectal cancer. CT Colonography examines the rectum and colon for colon cancer and precancerous polyps. Unlike traditional colonoscopy, this exam does not require any sedation and you may return to normal activity following the exam.

Lung Screening A low-dose CT scan for individuals that are at an increased risk of developing lung cancer but are not experiencing any current signs or symptoms. Your age and smoking history each play an important role in determining if you are a candidate for low-dose lung screening.

The information collected from screening exams enables you to work with your healthcare provider on treatment options and lifestyle changes that can lower your risk of developing disease later in life. In addition, the goal of these screening exams is to diagnose disease at an earlier stage.

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